The White Child Solider

For too long, ‘Black Children’s’ lives have been expendable. In Africa, ‘Black Boys’ are forced into child labor, kidnapped, raped…and are now soldiers…to fight a war against each other. Be it to reap gold, diamonds, or cobalt for batteries, its blood money. Wealth and riches…reaped from the veins of a ‘Black Child.’

child soldier black and white

‘Dis likkle ‘Black Boy,’ he’s about 10 and always dark skinned…forced down a well-traveled dirt road…that doesn’t lead to a school. No books, lunch or a knapsack just a gun strapped across his bare shoulders or a tool in his hands…on his way to work.  His football shirt is torn, no longer fits, just like his short dirty brown pants that now look like shorts…that’s all the soldiers have given him, besides bullets and bread.

In America, ‘A Child Solider’ is camouflaged as a ‘Child.’

He is ‘White.’

He can be seen riding his bike, playing at the park without fear…not like Tamir Rice…‘Government Soldiers’ executed him because he fit the description of ‘A Black Child Solider’‘A Black Child’ fears what he will never have…life…adulthood. The Bible calls it ‘terror by day. ’A gun has more rights. The gun is protected by the government…the backbone of the NRA. The gun is allowed in public spaces…even as a concealed as a weapon…but no black skin, no shirt, no shoes, no service.

The ‘Camouflaged Solider’ has privilege…he can chill…with his friends anywhere …the ‘Government Soldiers’ don’t profile their-own. But, a ‘Black Kid’ in a hoodie coming home from the store…with no weapon…he’s a danger. All the while, the ‘Camouflaged Solider’ is at target practice ‘standing his ground.’ His gun is a rite of passage. One day…he will be a ‘Good Old Boy.’  He is everywhere. Sometimes he’s wearing a ball cap, jeans and t-shirt. His privilege allows him to blend in…‘Laud, if h’im did black.’

Agenda: fear melanin skin – they are all terrorist. ‘Hold’on’, what about the KKK, the NRA, the Vegas shooter, the kid from Florida, white guy’s shooting up the churches, then the ‘Government Soldiers’ take him to Burger King. ‘What is dat?’ These are the most dangerous of them all…disguised in pressed ‘Government Suits,’  no different than them khaki loving white supremacist…’mek me tell you’ the  prison guards are covered with blood too… ‘de whole system, some ting  just nuh right?’

Emmett Till was a teenager accused of whistling at a white woman. ‘Fi dat’…he was shot in the head, tied to a large metal fan with barbed wire, on August 28, 1955.

In 2007, Carolyn Bryant, ‘de white woman’, finally confessed her lie. She was scared of going to hell with ‘de truth.’ Her words…her lies killed Emmett Till. And Mamie Till, for five days kept her son’s casket open for the world to see…her only child.

Be it Africa or America parents are forced to bury their children. Drained of all human capacity, they lower their tiny little bodies, once held in their arms, into a six foot grave covered with dirt…instead of playing in dirt; a  headstone instead of homework. The last place on earth they want to be…life has just begun.  Then, the order of life changed…suddenly.

Now, the all the ‘Child Soldiers’ Black, White…are fighting the battle. They share an understanding…of fear, blood, and death.  They can hear each other’s cries. They will stop this man made war…a ‘Little Child’ shall lead them.