The God of Science

DNA. Three letters that say who it was. It’s not like God never knew. He…knew all the time. These are part of the mysteries of our God. So many things that we don’t understand from the miraculous to unexplained coincidences…this is the timing of chance. This is our God.

Einstein said, ‘The most beautiful thing we can experience is the Mysterious.’ God directs the perfect stranger to help at the scene of the accident, they found her killer thanks to new DNA evidence, and her heart beats perfectly because the dead now live. This is our God.

A few days ago I read a story about a mother of three who was dying of congestive heart failure. This same lady had a friend with an 18 year-old daughter that suddenly died in a drowning accident. This was the mother’s only child. Life was in reverse. A mother buried her daughter, while children prepared to bury their mother. This is our God.

Time, years, pain, joy and finally understanding the scripture ‘it is good that I had been afflicted’ has taught me that God does not waste anything. He keeps your very tears. So, as I continued to read the story. The mother decided to donate her daughter’s heart to her dying friend. This was too much to receive. This could never be asked. This is our God.

Finally, she said yes. The surgery was scheduled and all went well. So much has to match…be the same…be compatible. Science needs the miraculous. A mom didn’t lose everything. ‘For out of the heart flows the issues of life,’ and her daughter’s heart continues to beat every day. The pain of mourning and the joy of time as the mom comforted herself listening to her daughter’s heart beat in her friend’s chest. This is our God

You see, life changed. Life was in reverse again. The children would not lose their mother thanks to someone else’s child. A mother listened to her child’s heart beat within in her friend’s chest. But 18 years ago, the same child listened to her mother’s heart beat for comfort, for peace, these were the very first sounds of love in the womb. This is our God.

Science met the miraculous…the doctor’s reported that the heart was 100% match. Nothing is wasted…not even our pain. This is our God.

Woman donates late daughter’s heart to mother of three


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