Life Changes…Keep the Faith

Bible for blog

The woman with no name is the woman I admire. She is the person you need in a flinch. A neighbor, a best friend, a sister, a cousin, a prayer partner…she’s my girl. She’s been dead forever now. And, still don’t hear much mention of her but she had death defying faith.

Other than Jesus, Lazarus, Mary and Martha these three are the standard reps for death defying bible stories. But, my girl’s life changed because she put God first. If it were today, she would be a “Baller.” She was quite wealthy, had a nice house and loving husband that the bible says was old. When she suggested to the husband that they build a room for the prophet, Elisha that always came to Shunem Town, he said sure. Time came…as it always does when you put God first.  And, ‘The Shunammite Woman’ received the prophet’s reward…the desire of her heart. God gave the barren woman a son…a seemingly simple story.

When the boy grew, he went to his father, who was in the fields, complaining of a headache, ‘My head! My head!’ The father told the servant take the child to his mother. As a mom, she didn’t take child to his room or her room for that matter. Instead, she took her one and only son to the prophet’s room. She knew something! But said nothing.

And, there, she held her son in her lap till noon…when he died. Then, it would seem ever so calmly, she laid him on the bed and shut the door. Not one sound. No mention of tears, weeping or moaning.

Like a good cowboy movie, she saddles up her horse, tells her husband she’s going into town to run errands…he doesn’t understand why because it’s not a New Moon or the Sabbath. She just assures him, ‘It is well’ and she rides on…he trusted his wife.

Nothing is standing in her way, she instructed her servant, ‘Don’t stop or slow down unless I tell you.’ I’m sure it was one of those rides that seemed like forever, till she reached Mount Carmel. Her hearts desires were on her mind.

The story goes, all she said was, ‘It is well,’ no matter whom she encountered. She never said the child was dead…not even to his father…not even to herself! I mean really. Not even to the prophet’s servant, Gehazi when he asked her.

Elisha knew something was wrong when he saw her coming, “Leave her alone! She is in bitter distress, but the Lord has hidden it from me and has not told me why.” It would seem to me…that God just wasn’t having anyone mention the word death or dead. Not a thought. Not one word.

When she reached Elisha, she clenched his feet in submission and reminded him, “Did I ask you for a son, my lord?” she said. “Didn’t I tell you, ‘Don’t raise my hopes’?” When Elisha prophesied, in all fairness she did object, ‘No, my lord!” …Please, man of God, don’t mislead your servant!” In the movies, this is the part where the play the intense music and your heart races…just raw emotion…we have all been there…by the phone or at the hospital.

It would seem like they turn around and ride back into Shunem Town a.s.a.p. There had to be commotion and a lot of dust. No recounting of where the husband was? Did he go into the room and see his son? How far away was Mount Carmel by horse? So many questions.

Anyhow, they all get back into town and Gehazi he tries, but he’s not the man for the job. Elisha goes in his room, shuts the door, lays on the boy, “mouth to mouth, eyes to eyes, hands to hands. As he stretched himself out on him, the boy’s body grew warm. Elisha turned away and walked back and forth in the room and then got on the bed and stretched out on him once more. The boy sneezed seven times and opened his eyes.”

Elisha called for the boy’s mother…and she humbly falls at the prophets feet. Then, she holds her son once again…in her lap…and I believe she assured him, ‘It is well.’ Three words…in case of a faith emergency.


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