Life Changes…Not God

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The first. These two words have always fascinated me. What is the origin of this or that? Surely, you have considered how did this or that got started? I have always wondered what was the first recorded incident of racism. Which journal documented that? Who were the players?

Then, I discovered a little story in the book of Numbers, chapter 12. It seems that Miriam was talking smack about Moses’ black wife…and God just wasn’t hav’in it. God came down, stood at the door of the tent, told Miriam and Aaron come over here…set them straight…left in a cloud and…poof Miriam’s skin was leprous.

Moses pleaded don’t let her flesh look like half eaten skin. Hmm…that didn’t matter to God. Instead, God replied, “If her father had spit in her face, would she not have been in disgrace for seven days?” Then, God gave my girl a week’s worth of leprosy and she had to move out of the camp for seven days…drama!

This should clear up God’s position on how He feels about all the people He made — even when spoken about in private. Can’t say He’s not looking or listening…inequality matters to God!

Now fast forward to slavery and we meet a guy named Willie Lynch. Willie thought let’s flip the switch. We will pit one slave against the other. The dark against the light ones, the house slave vs. the field slave…you get the idea here. So move ahead again now in light years. Slavery is done so to speak. But sometimes genocidal tendencies hang about and become entrenched in the fabric the binds society and marginalizes those on the frays…hanging on by a thread in poor neighborhoods or government housing.

Here enters in carding…but not the kind you get with roses or a gift. And, it’s not like the Las Vegas deck of cards at the casino even though most of the cards used here in Toronto, survey says, are typically of the black or brown race. The method…‘stop that one and that one…they don’t need to know why…just stop them. Who are they anyhow?’

Some want the gift of carding to stop but for now the gift of carding just keeps giving. A few weeks ago a judge ordered a recipient of carding $27,000. So how does Willie Lynch fit into all this? Well, now the police chief of Toronto is black and he’s now in charge of carding.

Genocidal tendencies…dangling about…good thing God is still watching and listening-in…even on private conversations.


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