Life Changes…so you thought?

Slave cabin - Freddy Grey blog

He ran. He wanted to be free. But, he was free. He feared how he would be treated if he was captured again…held against his will. He knew all the repercussions. Just like the rest…dead or beaten into submission.

He had done nothing wrong…nothing at all. Except fear…and show it. He wasn’t trespassing. He had a right to be there. But, they came after him, anyhow. That was all it took. His captures were in pursuit. Running…panting,“Get him the other one yelled.” He cut through the trees, ran pass the old boarded up houses and down a path to the main road. And, there he hit a brick wall. They had him. His mind raced, “Oh, my God what are they going to do to me. I haven’t done anything but they will never believe me. They know I’m free. They know the law changed and I have rights. But, they have power, control and authority.”

His heart raced in his chest…pounding like an African drum. He could hear it beat. He was never able to catch his breath. The clanging of the shackles made him fear the trees in the forest that lightly scraped his black skin. The game of hangman is no game. Not in these parts. This is real. This is life. This happens almost every day. Have you ever heard the saying, “You don’t have to put a noose around a man’s neck to kill him?”

It wasn’t even dark…yet he panicked. Light doesn’t make a difference in these parts. Day or night the treatment stays the same. He couldn’t ask for help. To put another person’s life in harm’s way? They might be killed.

He wasn’t the only one that was afraid…truthfully so was everyone else. He was whipped into shape. Beaten by the system that freed him…this is, well, that was his story…history repeating itself…150 year old regime that manifested less than 21 days ago – the chronicles of 25 year-old Freddie Carlos Gray, Jr.

On December 18, 1865, slavery ended in the United States…like the dollar…the slaves value dropped. He was worth something then….the wheels of capitalism never wanted slavery to stop.

Like all the others, Freddy Carlos Gray, Jr., did not die in vain. Even in death God has a purpose…“Lazarus, come forth.”


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