Life Changes…Love Never Dies

Trolling river picture

She just went out. She said she would be right back. She had a drug problem. They had a fight and I don’t know where she’s gone? She ran away from home. She sent a text…she was out with friends. I know she was working the streets. We were to supposed to meet up and hang out. Sometimes she would drink. She would never have just left her kids like that. She would have called someone by now. We need help. We just can’t find her. She’s missing.

Love is patient…love is kind…love never dies…that’s why they trolled the river for their dead.

They walked the shores, dragged the deep murky waters of the river to gather bones, evidence, clues, DNA, anything to say she was mine — And, this is my killer. Help me. Pray for me. Don’t turn your head like you never saw me. Don’t pretend I never lived.

It’s not just their families. It’s not just one woman, or three or ten, it’s somewhere between one and 1,181 aboriginal females that have been murdered or gone missing in the last 30 years. Love never dies.

A volunteer group called, Drag the Red, was formed to drag the bottom of Winnipeg’s Red River in an effort to locate the remains of missing people. And, unfortunately, because it’s not just one missing person they will have to do it again and again. Families, friends, neighbors, and strangers searched the waters for the truth. The secrets some say the river keeps. Some didn’t believe. But then, time came. And, seven bodies were found. Someone’s family members. Someone that still loves someone else, and always will. Because, love never dies.

Every time there is a snag, there could be a body. Emotions get caught up in the dragging bars, too. I hope she is in there; I hope she is not. This is not a story or made for television movie.

For understanding:

Pray for help…pray for support…resources…pray for women, pray for men, but pray the killing stops. God hears…He hears the blood that cries from the ground…even if it’s in the river.


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