Lend to the Lord


wooden caribbean house

She stared at my soft red comfy sandals like they were a pair of red bottom Louis Vuitton’s. They had shiny red beading on the straps and cushy padding under the feet. They were a gift from my mom when she vacationed in Florida. So they were special. Moments later, “Belle’s” eyes glanced at my skirt, then my pretty summer blouse, hair and makeup. It was easy to see the desires of her heart… to feel pretty, get all dressed up, yet my spirit grieved. These were simple things I picked-up on sale, never counting the cost till now.

The room felt still. But, a shift was taking place. A still deep rumble that only animals hear before the terrible storm. It was mid-July; we were vacationing and decided to visit distant family members on the island. And, they would be what society labels as poor. Life can be so extreme…laying pool side in the afternoon at the five-star resort; then, we are dining at an old wooden house in the hills of the Caribbean under the shadows of an orange sunset. The shift was in the contradiction.

Without a thought, I took off my shoes and asked her if she wanted to try them on. “Yes,” she shouted, before I finished my sentence. “Belle” quickly slipped her feet in and suddenly distance was a thing of the past – we shared the same shoe size! Her face lit up! Oh yeah, she discovered the cushy padding. “Belle” danced, took a few more steps and adored watching herself in the mirror, imaging something fun I’m sure. We were about the same age but she was acting more like a teenager. With all the excitement, the room remained still. But there was a change…even though naturally things looked the same.

Earlier that day, I felt lead to pack a second bag one of those just in case thoughts. We brought gifts for our family but a change of clothes for the evening would be good. A hand towel, mosquito repellent and I tossed in another pair of sandals, for whatever the reason.

I watched “Belle” dance a little longer and smile some more as she began to take off the shoes. “No, no you can keep them,” I urged. “Belle” stood still. The music that played in her head stopped. Then, someone in the room shouted “But, you won’t have shoes!”

A way was made when I didn’t understand, a lesson was learned and a blessing was received with little given. “Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done.”  Lending to the Lord…this means all things are possible.


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