Life Changes…into memories


It started as a random memory. Just a simple thought that went through my head. Really, I don’t think it took more than five seconds. For the sake of continuity, I will call it a “Tid-Bit Memory.”  I know you have had them. A moment from your past creeps up and makes you smile, laugh or take a small breathe and shed a tear. My “Tid-Bit Memory” shocked me and I haven’t been able to stop laughing.

Many, many, years ago, I was about 10 when my mother took me out for dinner and then to enjoy one of her all-time favorite TV shows/event. A live, two-hour all smash-down WWF event at The Gardens Arena. Now, you have to understand something I had absolutely no idea how this was gonna go down. You see the one thing I feared, my mother would get all caught up in the wrestling drama forget where she was and bust-out her Incredible Hulk imitation, for real!

The arena was reasonably full but there was definitely more men than women. We got our share of attention and stares. I remember the gentleman sitting a couple of seats down from us. He was captivated and in total disbelief watching my mother’s imagination come alive as she too punched, kicked and screamed at the air, thinking, believing and hoping she was the one in the ring. Oh, yeah wheeling the opponent around by the hair, dropping him on the canvas and the grand finale…jumping in his chest to stop him from breathing. Yes, this has been Mom’s fantasy for years. I know my mother enough, that she would want  some sort of spandex outfit, definitely in red and a number one on her back, why not…got to have an ego if you want to go a couple of rounds in the ring!

I have to admit when we first arrived it was embarrassing. Mother and daughter chill’in at the WWF on a Friday night seems odd. But watching mom enjoy herself, not a care that the entire arena was either ogling or rubbernecking at her wild antics, while I learned that men appreciate cool women.  Mommy has a bit more grey now, adorable wrinkles, walks a bit slower, but I know she is still a cool feisty chick!


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