Life Changes…and Grandma’s adivce

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Most people when they think of  “Grandma’s advice” it’s wholesome, pure and rich with life experience. Without a doubt, “G” would always make  sure that the proverb, tale or hard truth would be of benefit to the grandchild because one day “G” will be gone. But her love and advice will always remain. Doesn’t that sentence evoke the aroma of “G’s” homemade goodies?

One day, I really don’t know when, but “Sunshine,” my daughter, was about 10 and we were visiting “G.” There we were three generations, chilling in the family room folding laundry and watching the Young and the Restless, “G’s” favorite soap opera. One of the lead characters, “Sharon” had an affair and her husband didn’t have a clue. Something happened, not sure what but “Sharon” started to feel guilty and decided to confess the affair to her husband.

Tension mounts. TV husband walks through the door after a long day at his imaginary worldwide industry job where he is the president. Pours himself a drink, sits in his favorite chair and “G” bust-out with, “Sunshine” don’t you ever do that. Never ever you do that.”

For the life of me I couldn’t imagine where my mother was going with this outburst.  It’s just daytime drama. Why are you so involved? I know you know these people are not real. “Sunshine,” God bless her heart, thinking the same thing as me, “Oh, no Grandma, when I’m married I would never cheat on my husband. I would never do that!”
Faster than “Usain Bolt” “G” claps back with, “What, I don’t mean that. Don’t you ever tell! Just shut your mouth.”

I am not going to touch on the moral aspects of this story. I’m still struggling with the fact that “G” is a “Playa.”


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