Life Changes…this one is new!


I live in neighborhood that is a snippet of the world’s population. Just down the street, around the corner and right next door are people from Trinidad and Tobago, Pakistan, Africa, South America, England, Jamaica and the list does go on.  At dinner time, just take a deep breath and bask in the cornucopia of fresh herbs, rich spices and flavorful seasonings that fill the atmosphere – a taste of the world at my door-step.

It’s not just the food. There are random tidbits of knowledge that I have gained living on “United Nations Circle” which one day may prove useful. I’ve learned a few bad words in Pakistani, even choice phrases from Guyana but it was how to stop a squirrel from a climbing a tree compliments of the Trinidadian neighbor that just about knocked me over.

“Bully” is straight from the island of Trinidad & Tobago. He is a nice looking Indian man who always has a serious countenance…but he is very friendly. The guy can grow anything. He has lush Banana trees, Hibiscus and Ferns in his house. Naturally, a vegetable garden in the back yard and bright flowers decorate the front of his home. And, this is where the problem began.

Now, I must admit that I’ve seen the squirrel in question. He’s dark-brown, kinda grey but his tail is chopped-off with a splash of white. Yeah, he is busy but no different than other squirrels. But, “Bully” doesn’t think so.  In the front yard, “Bully” planted sun-flowers. And, we all know squirrels love seeds, bulbs and nuts.  The sun flower grew over seven feet tall under the shade of a small tree. Carte blanche access for the squirrel.

To stop the squirrel from devouring the sunflower, “Bully” laced the tree with Vaseline. Yup, for sure the whole jar. He told me he coated the bottom, around the trunk and the limb…a.k.a. bridge to the sunflower. Greased!

And, for the next couple of days ,“Bully” watched from the kitchen window as the squirrel feverishly tried to get off the ground and up into the tree. The squirrel had to be perplexed. “What is this stuff? I hope it’s not on the other trees,” he said to himself. I’m sure in all his squirrel days, he’s never encountered this much Vaseline.

Please get over any musings you may have that this is somehow animal cruelty. That squirrel for lack of a better word was “slick.” He quickly got his fuzzy chopped-off tail into the bush beside the sun-flower and…bounce that plant was decimated. In the end, the squirrel had “Bully” by the nuts.


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