Life Changes…not the cast of characters.

Life Changes

In order to write, one must observe. And, I love to people watch…everywhere! What I can’t figure out is how things change and how things stay the same.  Is this the universe’s method to achieve balance? As a writer, I scribble everything down. For the past three weeks, I have been making a list of people the world must have:

  1. The person at work with the candy dish on their desk.
  2. The girl who sleeps with her boss.
  3. The slowest cashier…ever.
  4. Oh, yeah and the boss that sleeps with the girl at work.
  5. The person that sucks up to the boss…not necessarily related to #2.
  6. The nurse that really should work in the morgue.
  7. The doctor who turned out to be a butcher.
  8. An enemy cloaked as a friend.
  9. Haters.
  10. Strangers that bless you.
  11. Lovers.
  12. People that make you want to say, “Did your mother intend for you to turn out like that?”
  13. People that see but have blinded their eyes.
  14. People that hear but refuse to listen.
  15. Silent men and quiet women.
  16. People that don’t speak-up but love to complain.
  17. Angry and impatient people who grocery shop on a Friday night or Saturday morning.
  18. The slowest waitress…ever.
  19. The sweet old lady married to the same angry old man for over 40 years.
  20. Why the aforementioned sweet old lady doesn’t work at the United Nations teaching, “How to achieve harmony and world peace, 101.”
  21. Girls that flirt with your boyfriend.
  22. Guys that are never interested until they see you with someone else.
  23. People in line ahead of you who don’t know what to order.
  24. In-laws who are now Out-laws.
  25. People that experience miracles.
  26. The woman caught in the act of adultery and the man who was never mentioned.
  27. A crazy violent neighbor with a gun.
  28. An innocent neighborhood kid
  29. Grieving parents, family, friends and strangers.
  30. People that realize all tears look the same.
  31. And, a  friend that sticks closer than a brother.

Just to name a few…


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