Life Changes…Say What?


Currently, last year and sometime next week this topic will remain an egregious sin. The universal problem: racism. A couple of weeks ago chef, Paula Deen, used the “N” word. The use of this six letter word cost her millions. From Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Target, Food Network, Sears and even her book publishers, all have severed financial ties. What I found interesting was the market value of the “N” word – it’s now worth millions.  When you consider the going rate for a slave was $500. Then tack on years of free service, pure profit. Now the value has exponentially increased in the hands of capitalism. Profit to punishment. Strange world we live in.

While the price for the use of the “N” word goes up in the hidden TSX, NYSE and NASDAQ market. Two drunk or stoned “good ol-boys” named “Bill” and “Ted” were on an adventure. Saturday afternoon, I was sitting on the bench inside the “Jamaican Patty” shop in “China Town”, eating a patty of course.  Fyi: patty shop is owned by Chinese-Jamaicans. “Bill” and “Ted” came in.  “Bill” has dark hair and “Ted” has blonde hair. “Bill” reviewed the menu quietly but “Ted” was just loud. He hollered, “What can ya get for two dollars?” The servers explained, “Either a patty or a doubles.” (Doubles are curried chick peas wrapped in roti…delicious and cheap).

At this point, I concluded they were stoned…looks like the munchies.  Out of nowhere,  “Ted” points at everyone in the store and exuberantly declares, “This is great, your Black, your Chinese, your Chinese, your old, I’m white, he’s white (this would be “Bill”), your white too, you look mixed and where are you from? Look we’re all together…getting along. This is great!” Everyone laughed it off. The older man ignored him and I thought, “Wow, you’re high.”

Less than 10 minutes later, a teenage boy about 13, with blonde hair, sparkling blues on a red bicycle pushes pass me. He said, “Excuse me,” but I know I heard him say something else. The sidewalks in China Town are packed so this is no easy task.  A few paces more, I hear him utter something to an old Chinese man and the man responds. The kid has my undivided attention.  Seconds later, he stops at the stand where a group of older Chinese ladies sell plants. The kid bust out in full Mandarin, Wu, Yue, or Min. I watched this seemingly pleasant conversation go on for about two minutes.

The kid smiles at me as he pulls off and continues to meandered  through the pedestrian traffic, as he is clearly accustomed too. It’s safe to say he has lived aboard for an extended period of time.  And, he is  proud of his language skills and diversity training…life.

It got me thinking, maybe the Jamaican’s are right…
“Out of Many, One People.” “Ted” was high but he wasn’t “trippin.”




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