Life Changes…once a man, twice a child


Children and old people say exactly what’s on their minds – the simplicity of innocence and the richness of experience are inextricably bound to reveal the secrets of life. Reminds me of the saying, “Once a man, twice a child.” Learning from the young and the old humbles me, restores my patience and recalibrates my vision so that I focus on what is important. Is life so simple that adults make it complicated?

A few years ago, our local politicians had a brilliant thought, “Woman should be allowed to go topless if they want.” Somewhere in that council of men there was a “Perv”…sounds crazy but they passed the motion. Hey, I know you can google this titillating-tid-bit of information.

Men drove around in cars oogling with heavy breath, pacing sidewalks and peering out windows all in the hopes of finding a topless woman…cheaper than the strip club all from the comforts of home, a car, or a bench at your local park. I recall one woman did cause quiet the stir. She decided to mow her lawn while topless on a beautiful sunny afternoon.  A local “Boob Watcher” spotted the two breasted “Chick” …zoomed-in, focused, click-click and snap pictures were taken (and kept I’m sure). Men circled her block and local newspapers had another exposé. Her “Breastestests” became famous…a jiggly, warm, comfy landmark in her quiet neighborhood was erected. What did Mr. and Mrs. Jones think? Did anyone start a neighborhood watch?

There is a rational to the law giving women full rights but what about innocent children seeing all of that “Boobalege?” Geez…Hooters on the Road!  Some weeks later while out for lunch, I met a sweet older lady maybe in her 70’s very well-groomed and soft-spoken. While in line, we chatted about this and that. So I thought let me ask her opinion on the body parts that unites us women. Maybe at the age of 30, I was being a bit of a prude thinking bras and shirts were a staple item for the body when venturing outdoors. If you need a shirt and shoes to buy a Slushy at 7-Eleven, then let’s keep this antiquated concept going.

I leaned in and whispered, “What do you think about women being allowed to go topless?” Her countenance was stern, her body language unwavering and with a soft smile she gingerly replied, “Anyone that doesn’t know breasts are sexual objects clearly hasn’t made love properly.” Fist pound, high-five and checkmate, my girl was in her 70’s but she knew “What’s love got to do with it!”


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