Life Changes…Keep the Faith

July 16, 2015


The woman with no name is the woman I admire. She is the person you need in a flinch. A neighbor, a best friend, a sister, a cousin, a prayer partner…she’s my girl. She’s been dead forever now. And, still don’t hear much mention of her but she had death defying faith. Other than Jesus, […]

Life Changes…Not God

June 13, 2015


The first. These two words have always fascinated me. What is the origin of this or that? Surely, you have considered how did this or that got started? I have always wondered what was the first recorded incident of racism. Which journal documented that? Who were the players? Then, I discovered a little story in […]

Life Changes…so you thought?

May 5, 2015


He ran. He wanted to be free. But, he was free. He feared how he would be treated if he was captured again…held against his will. He knew all the repercussions. Just like the rest…dead or beaten into submission. He had done nothing wrong…nothing at all. Except fear…and show it. He wasn’t trespassing. He had […]

Life Changes…Love Never Dies

April 26, 2015


Every time there is a snag, there could be a body.

Lend to the Lord

August 16, 2014


  She stared at my soft red comfy sandals like they were a pair of red bottom Louis Vuitton’s. They had shiny red beading on the straps and cushy padding under the feet. They were a gift from my mom when she vacationed in Florida. So they were special. Moments later, “Belle’s” eyes glanced at […]

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The Bread of Life

August 11, 2014


  From a distance, it was obvious where she lived or existed. Her clothes were crumpled and her shoes well that was a few seasons ago. She was a petite woman under her baggy jeans and loose-fitting dark blue sweat shirt. Her pretty almond complexion camouflaged her unwashed face. As we walked towards each other, […]

Mom Gave Me Cardboard, Again

July 9, 2014


First time parents are nervous. Typically, the fears are: ‘make sure you’re supporting the baby’s head, don’t’ drop the baby, and my favorite, I don’t know what the baby wants we’ve tried everything.’ Time goes by…days turn into weeks, weeks into months but slowly the parents begin to understand the needs of their infant. Somewhere […]

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